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 declarations for the following offices

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PostSubject: declarations for the following offices    Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:27 pm

Please post your declarations for the following offices here!
Monarch *
Will Tarax
Regent *
Champion *
GM Reeves ^
Lady Kaytana Raventhorne
GM Archers ^
GM Assassin ^
GM Barbarian ^
GM Bard ^
GM Healer ^
GM Monk ^
GM Monster ^
GM Scout ^
GM Warrior ^
Lady Kaytana Raventhorne
GM Wizard ^
* Please note you must have passed a Corpora and a Reeves test and "Qual" to hold these positions.
^ You must have passed a Reeves test and played this class to run for these position.
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declarations for the following offices
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