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 Mistyvale newsletters

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PostSubject: Mistyvale newsletters    Mistyvale newsletters  Icon_minitimeTue Nov 15, 2016 5:48 pm

Mistyvale Page 3
Upcoming Events!
MV November26 White Elephant Sale
ALTHING MV December 3, Breakfast with Santa
(there is a fee for this...)
MV Event Event December 10, Santa Parade
MV Event December 17 SECRET SANTA
Dec 31 Vote for BOD
We have a new sponsor!
Alward Chiropractic
There is also a full massage team on staff!
Chair Massage, hot rock massage, aroma therapy
Located at 3339 El Camino Ave
Current Monarchy
Will Tarax----------------------------------------------- Baron
Hell Raiser-------------------------------ProTem Regent
Lady T--------------------------------------------------------- PM
Dargon-----------------------------------ProTem Champion
Therrin-----------------------------------------ProTem GMR
As of Nov. 14, 2016 balance of the treasury is $381.22 due to people paying dues, and making donations

Mistyvale Page 4
This month’s Riddle 
Send your answer for this picture
riddle to:
Teresa Bergman via Facebook
Answer to the previous riddle is:
“He juggled them”
To submit articles for future Newsletters, letters to the editor, or to advertise, contact
Lady Tamara or Collin the Red via
or mail to Mistyvale, P.O. Box 261, Carmichael, CA 95609
Arts and Sciences Meeting
every Wednesday at Great
Escape Games 1250 Howe
Avenue #3A Sacramento, CA
95825 starting at 5pm.
See Collin for Golf shafts, Pipe
insulation, or sticky back foam,
subject to supplies on hand.
Sword Kits for $15!
Advertising space is
available in our newsletter.
See Collin the Red or Lady
Tamara to get your
announcements in next
month’s issue. Fee (to MV)
based on ad content. Free
items and Amtgard services
listed free.
Please go to Great Escape
Games for all your
gaming needs. Online at:
om/ or come in to the store
1250 Howe Avenue #3A
Sacramento, CA 95825
call: (916) 927

Mistyvale Page 5
Helpful sites you may wish to use:
Let us Know!
The New ORK (Online Record Keeper) this
site will tell you how many credits you have, what awards you have been given and why, and should show a
photo of you and your heraldry. If you do not have a photo or heraldry on this site, let Lady T know and she
will put up the images you need.
Amtwiki - Great place to create your persona, write a back
story or just put down what you want folks to know about you.
CAAmtgard - this holds a PDF of the Rules of Play and the Corpora. You can also
chat with other members, post on the forums, and get breaking news about your or others lands.
Sacramento Amtgard Meetup
This is our calendar of events, you can post on the message boards, and get directions to events.
I want to give a huge THANK YOU to our newest
monarchy to step up! I am already seeing positive changes
and there is a lot of laughter and fun all around! Great plans
in the works, fundraisers, and grand gestures! You won’t
want to miss a single day of our park this reign!

Mistyvale Page 7
"If MS and VSR can get it together then it can be done. Only took us about a decade"-
Trenton Kenmark
Blackspire is a kingdom formed from the two Pacific Northwest kingdoms- The
Kingdom of the Mystic Seas and the Valley of the Silver Rains or VSR. The merger
was Complete, and Blackspire was born in April 2005. It's full title was originally
voted in as "The Kingdom of the Dark Valley of the Black Spire Where the Bloody
Skeletons Rise Up in the Middle of the Night to Kick Your Ass!!!!!!", suggested by Sir
Cowdog. However, it was later shortened to "Blackspire". To learn more about the
Monarchy of Blackspire check the BS Monarchy page.
Blackspire consists of all of Oregon, and parts of Washington. Pac War originates
from Blackspire, and is their main Interkingdom Event per year..
Duchy of Iron Keep - Eugene, OR
Barony of the Mystic Seas - Portland, OR
Shire of Obsidian Grove - Vancouver, WA
Barony of Silver Moon - Salem, OR
Barony of Dragon's Forge - Oregon City, OR
Shire of Rising Moon - McMinnville, OR
Principality of Viridian Outlands - Spokane, WA
Barony of Hermits Hold - Wenatchee, WA.
Shire of Sacred Wind - Ellensburg, WA.
Barony of Western Winds - Edmonton, Alberta.

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Mistyvale newsletters
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