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 Darkshore XIX

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PostSubject: Darkshore XIX   Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:39 pm

Darkshore welcomes you all to the 8-bit video game world where many games of the past come to life and once again puts to your might to the challenge.

Adult gate fee for entire weekend: $35.00
Prepay until April 15th: $30.00(will be up soon)
Gate fee for children under the age of 14: $15.00
Gate fee for day trip: $15.00
Children under 5 are free

List of Autocrats
Autocrat: Stereotype/ Alan Wong
Feast-o-Crat: Mikezilla/ Michael Charcho
War-o-Crat: Bacchus/ Matthew Litster
Security-Crat: Scorch/ Chris Garcia
Gate-o-Crat: Athena/ Christine O'Cobhthaigh
Assistant Co Gate-o-crat: Seras Mari/ Lea Davern

Schedule of Events

1. Thursday
3:00pm: Site Opens
7:00pm: Early Bird Iron Man

2. Friday
9:00 am: Breakfast (Pancakes Eggs Sausage)
10:00 am: Pot Smash (Militia, 3 teams)
11:00 am: Bounty hunter (Militia, 3 teams)
Noon: Lunch (Hot Dogs)
1:00 pm: Class Game
2:00 pm: Donkey Kong (2 team. Class)
3:00 pm: Pac-man (4 team, Class)
4:30 pm: Archery (space invaders)
6:00 pm: Dinner (Chicken Alfredo
7:30 pm: Bar Fight (Team Tournament)

3. Saturday
8:00 am: Breakfast (Potatoes Eggs Sausage)
9:00 am: Single Hammer (Tournament) 
10:00 am: Centipede. (Single short)
11:00 am: Company Militia battle (Game vs Game)
Noon: Lunch (Chili over fritos)
1:00 pm: Tetris (2 teams, Class)
2:00 pm: Kalevra’s Game (15 min set up)
3:00 pm: Nobles vs peasants (Bowser sub plot) (2 teams, Class)
6:00pm: Dinner and Court (Kalua Pork)

4. Sunday
12:00pm: Site Closes


The Schedule of events is subject to change and will be updated over time. Any questions or concerns you can email

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Darkshore XIX
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