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 get for paying dues

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get for paying dues Empty
PostSubject: get for paying dues   get for paying dues Icon_minitimeMon Jan 02, 2017 2:13 pm

It is a new year and I would like to encourage our member to help us raise money for your land by paying dues! How do you know if you have been a member long enough to be allowed to pay your dues? Just check your ORK page by clicking your name here:

Scroll down until you see attendance and use the oldest date to see if you can become a dues paying member.
What do you get for paying dues? You meet part of the eligibility to vote on who holds office in our land, and you can even run for office!

If that doesn't interest you, you get that warm feeling of being a member who will be helping keep the land running smoothly! Not in long enough for dues? Donations are also happily accepted!
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get for paying dues
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