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 Mistyvale newsletters 3

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PostSubject: Mistyvale newsletters 3   Mistyvale newsletters 3 Icon_minitimeMon Jan 16, 2017 12:14 pm

Mistyvale Page 1
Table of contents
Amtgardian of the Month Pg. 1
Upcoming Events Pg. 4
Current Leadership Pg. 5
Puzzle Pg. 5
Kingdom of the Month Pg. 7
Paper Dolls Pg. 9

Po of
Thor’s Refuge
Q: What is your favorite class
to play and why? Healer, it is
self-sufficient and can greatly
change the flow of battle in a
limited life pool scenario
Q: Are you a member of a
household or fighting company
and how does it benefit
Amtgard as a whole? I am a
proud member of the Crimson
Marauders, we are a fighting
company who greatly focuses on
service to the game as a whole,
our commander, is a Crown and
Flame knight with 25+ Years in
the game, it is through his
knowledge, experience, and
guidance that we work and
function as a single unit, on
both the battle field, and in
whatever position an event
needs help with
Q: Do you participate in A&S
competitions, if so what medium
do you prefer for your creations?
i have never been that good at Mistyvale Page 2
A&S the only thing i have ever
been even semi decent at making
is swords. I prefer to outsource,
buying from WLS and local
Q: When did you join Amtgard,
who brought it to your
attention? i joined amtgard
about, 2... maybe 2 and a half
years ago? maybe more? a friend
who i played dnd with did
larping for a while when he was
younger, and we did some sword
play with 3/4 inch pvc, and 1/4
inch pipe insulation. i wanted to
fight more and with more
people. after some searching i
found a page about amtgard in
howe park, something called
mistyvale. i went to an A&S
night at great escape games and
was drawn in by the
environment. i quickly dove in
and sought to seek how far the
rabbit hole was.
Q: Do you have a favorite
camping event? What do you
like about it? Westmarch Wars
has been dear to me, being as it
was my first event. however
anytime that i get to go camp
and play amtgard is great. if i
could make a living off of it, i
Q: What have you done to
advertise your land and bring in
new members? i have brought
several people to parks, my best
friends first larp event was
Clan, when we were driving
home after he got out of the
marines, i managed to plan the
trip so we could hit clan on our
way back.
Q: Have you held office, if so,
what was it and why that
office? the first office i held was
regent at mistyvale, i did 2
terms as regent, because they
needed a regent, and i wanted to
help. i did a single term as
champion at Thor's Refuge, but
do not feel that i did as good as i Mistyvale Page 3
could have, due to real life
getting in the way.
Q: What is your happiest
memory in your Amtgard
land/event? The day i first put
on a Marauder Tunic, and
fought at darkshore as part of
the Crimson Marauders. I was
so proud to join such a great
Q: What are your future plans
for your land, do you have
anything in the works? I hope
to stay active, with my current
work schedule i am fighting to
even keep a regular showing at
the park. i would love to try to
go for an office again, but i
would not want to take up
position in an office that i could
not dedicate my focus to.
Q: What are your goals in
Amtgard? I seek to make
friends, and help anyone, and
everyone, i can, i seek to become
a better fighter and in time,
perhaps learn to be a better
crafter. I hope to learn to better
lead the people, and assist in
making a park grow, and in
turn make the game grow. i seek
to be the best i can be, and
through amtgard i believe that is
Q: Is there anything else you
want to share? When fighting
someone who is left handed, and
you are right handed, GUARD
Some rules i try to live by: 1:
Never covet a knighthood, or a
title. Instead seek to be like the
people who have earned those
honors. 2: Support the people
around you, and always try to
be an asset to the game. 3:
Don’t argue with the reeve, they
gave up playing to give you the
chance to play. 4: Be Honest, Be
Humble. If you get hit, don’t let
pride get in the way, call it.
Even if you can get away with
sluffing a shot, you will better
yourself in the long run if you Mistyvale Page 4
remain honest. And when in
doubt, death count out. Just
take the death, its only 30
seconds, and allows you some
time to step back and see if the
other team has a strategy for
you to try and counter.

Upcoming Events!
JAN 21 MV Elections
JAN 21 Dungeon Crawl
FEB 4 Mid-reign (Dragonmaster and Weapon Master)
WM February 12 Midreign at Belial Peaks
Sword Knight Boot Camp 2017
MARCH 24-26 Flurbtastic Enchanted Hills Camp, Napa
WM APRIL 15/22 Kingdom Quals
WM APRIL 22/29 Elections
Event PanGaia June 11-12 2017
We have a new sponsor!
Alward Chiropractic
There is also a full massage team on staff!
Chair Massage, hot rock massage, aroma therapy too
Located at 3339 El Camino Ave

Mistyvale Page 5
Current Monarchy
Will Tarax ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baron
Hell Raiser ----------------------------------------------------------- ProTem Regent
Lady T --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PM
Dargon -------------------------------------------------------------- ProTem Champion
Grendmar ----------------------------------------------------------------- ProTem GMR
Current BoD
Warner the Elder---------------------------------------------------------------President
Grendmar ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Treasurer
Alduran the Strange----------------------------------------------------------Secretary
Silent Judge----------------------------------------------------------------------------Liaison
Tamara ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PM
Will Tarax----------------------------------------------------------------------------Monarch
As of Dec. 14, 2016, balance of the treasury is $354.17 due to people
paying dues, and making donations, and purchasing supplies for the land.
BoD Members
This month’s Riddle 
Send your answer for this
picture riddle to:
Teresa Bergman via Facebook
Answer to the previous riddle
“Sir Lance a lot”

Mistyvale Page 6
To submit articles for future Newsletters, letters to the editor, or to advertise, contact
Lady Tamara or Collin the Red via
or mail to Mistyvale, P.O. Box 261, Carmichael, CA 95609
Arts and Sciences Meeting
every Wednesday at Great
Escape Games 1250 Howe
Avenue #3A Sacramento, CA
95825 starting at 6pm.
See Collin for Golf shafts, Pipe
insulation, or sticky back foam,
subject to supplies on hand.
Sword Kits for $15!
Advertising space is
available in our newsletter.
See Collin the Red or Lady
Tamara to get your
announcements in next
month’s issue. Fee (to MV)
based on ad content. Free
items and Amtgard services
listed free.
Please go to Great Escape
Games for all your
gaming needs. Online at:
om/ or come in to the store
1250 Howe Avenue #3A
Sacramento, CA 95825
call: (916) 927
Helpful sites you may wish to use:
Let us Know!
The New ORK (Online Record Keeper) this
site will tell you how many credits you have, what awards you have been given and why, and should show a
photo of you and your heraldry. If you do not have a photo or heraldry on this site, let Lady T know and she
will put up the images you need.
Amtwiki - Great place to create your persona, write a back
story or just put down what you want folks to know about you.
CAAmtgard - this holds a PDF of the Rules of Play and the Corpora. You can also
chat with other members, post on the forums, and get breaking news about your or others lands.
Sacramento Amtgard Meetup
This is our calendar of events, you can post on the message boards, and get directions to events.

Mistyvale Page 8
Desert Winds
Desert Winds is the combined effort
of four great parks to be come a part
of a bigger stronger unit. The
Empire of the Iron Mountains has
hosted each park independently and
has agreed that together we have the
ability to make a stable kingdom
within the game. With a vote of
confidence the Principality was
formed and after roughly 2 years
was voted in (12-0) as the 16th
Kingdom in the history of Amtgard
at Clan XXVI in 2008.
Current Monarchy
Queen - Kyra KadaisScrye
Regent - TroyesThorkel
Prime Minister - Lord Dib
KGMR - Lord Squire Gregor
Champion - Warlord Sir Aagard
Sponsored chapters
River's End-Salt Lake City, Utah
Myth Vael-Elko, Nevada
Truevale-Rock Springs, Wyoming
Phoenix Rise-Grand Junction,
Skystone-Billings, Montana
Fossil Ridge-Kemmerer,
Dragon's Spyre -Cedar City, Utah
Enchanted Falls -Twin Falls,
Rusty Gauntlet -Boise, Idaho
Terra De Votum -Las Vegas,
Shadow Haven -Evanston,
Iron Hold -Provo, Utah
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Mistyvale newsletters 3
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