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  SWW III- Happily Never After

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PostSubject: SWW III- Happily Never After   Thu Feb 04, 2016 8:26 pm

Things are grimm in the land of imagination. The Mad Hatter, long the steward of tale and legend, is sapped, old, and tired. Corruption dwells in the characters of the realm, and only the might and bravery of you adventurers can possibly set things right!

Join us in the beautiful spring weather, at our newly upgraded site, for the biggest and best Southwestern War yet!
-3 days of action-packed, flurby class battlegames!
-claim and wield powerful relics!
-prove your Company or team's dominance in the traditional Saturday militia battle!
-beautiful site in Buckeye, with flush toilets, power, and grass!
-NPCs and mini quests!
-earn and spend event coin in a variety of ways
-the fabled Drunken Dragon Tavern!
-camping, feasting, and revelry with old friends and friends-to-be!

2:00 PM- Gate Opens
3:00 PM- Opening Ceremony
4:00 PM- Class Battlegame: Sword in the Stone
6:00 PM- Dinner

8:00 AM- Breakfast
9:00 AM- Class Battlegame: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
1:00 PM- Class Battlegame: The Vanity of Rapunzel
3:00 PM- Class Battlegame: Hansel and Gretel
6:00 PM- Dinner
8:00 PM- Night Game: Through the Looking Glass

8:00 AM- Breakfast
9:00 AM- Class Battlegame: Captain Hook and the Faeries
11:00 AM- Class Battlegame: The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Noon- Lunch / Mad Hatter's Tea Party
1:00 PM- Militia Team/Company Battle
2:00 PM- Class Battlegame: The Mad Hatter's New Clothes
6:00 PM- Coronation Feast: Masquerade
8:30 PM- House Ansgar Presents the Dwarven Drinking Games

8:00 AM- Breakfast
11:00 AM- Site Closes

Include mundane/persona name, and items paying for.
Golden Tickets: $100 (4 remaining)
Full Weekend Entry: $30
Day Pass: $15
Mad Hatter's Tea Party: $15 (9 remaining)

Children 12 and under are free with guardian entry.

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SWW III- Happily Never After
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