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 Kat Williams

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PostSubject: Kat Williams    Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:27 pm

Announcements and Updates:

-Garb Requirements take effect starting today. In order to play your class, you must wear some sort of medieval garb and your class sash. Tunic/Tabard are easy, and will count as the minimum.

-PM Declarations are open still, until Midnight on Saturday, February 6th.

-Do not forget to take your class level tests when you level up in credits. Credits for you and your persona can be found on

-Don't forget to let all your friends and coworkers know to get out here. We are in a membership drive and we are now halfway through the reign.

-We need more Reeves-qualified members of the park. If you are interested in reeving, please contact the GMR Brooklynn (Therrin).

-Saturday, February 13th is our next quest day, and the voting for Prime Minister. If you want to become voting eligible, please contact me about your attendance and dues paid status. If you will be absent from the park for any reason (cough cough, Dundracon), then you will be able to proxy your vote, or send it to me via Private FB Message.
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Kat Williams
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