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 Introduction Basics and Example

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PostSubject: Introduction Basics and Example   Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:18 pm

Alright, so the Introductions board is to let people know who you are, whether you're new or old. Given that this is a rather flurby house, we want to know about both you as a person, and your character.

Basic stuff to add when thinking of your character are:

  • Full Name (In-Game only please)
  • Primary Class (The one your character is most connected to, this will determine your placement in House Lasair so choose carefully)
  • General info about your character (not too detailed please)
  • Likes and Dislikes in game.

We all have a basic understanding of those around us, or should in-character at least since we're supposed to be representing a household (People who not only work together, but live together as well)

So, here's an example for people, my character Alduran.


Alduran Kirralli (AKA: Alduran the Strange to those who don't know him well)


Alduran is a Warlock, wielding death like a blade.


  • Slaughtering his enemies
  • Consuming souls
  • Sharing odd tales with housemates
  • Drinking and generally having a good time
  • Singing (Oddly enough)
  • People who underestimate him
  • FIRE!!!


  • Stupid people
  • Being cut off mid-sentence
  • People playing the 'holier than thou' angle
  • People who simply wont die (Sluffers)
  • Arrogant humans.


  • It is widely known in House Lasair that Alduran is a Kitsune.
  • It is believed that he chose to study the dark arts after watching his entire family slaughtered at the hands of humans.
  • Supposedly has a brother, though for some reason his brother seems to be human.
  • Apparently lived most of his young life using the name Kithander, which was apparently his fathers name.
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Introduction Basics and Example
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