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 Voting Eligible and Non-Voting Eligible

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PostSubject: Voting Eligible and Non-Voting Eligible   Fri Feb 12, 2016 7:59 pm

Kat Williams
February 9 at 11:59am
Hello Mistyvale! This coming weekend is Voting for Prime Minister! Our official Candidates are Lady Tamara MacAbee and Will Tarax.
If you will not be in attendance this weekend to vote, but you still want your voice to be heard, please PM me with your Vote as soon as you can. Proxy voting will close at Noon on Saturday, February 13th!
Here is the list of those who are currently Voting Eligible (meaning they are dues paid and have attended at least 6 regular meetings in the last 3 months):
Lady Tamara MacAbee (Teresa)
Alduran the Strange
Toodelz (John)
Vontez DeCreamy
Kalandra Mirdain (Melinda)
Duro of the Vale (Joseph)
Perralayth W. K. Greycloud (Emilio)
Maul Sablehammer (Steve)
Meshac (Tommy)
Kaytana Raventhorne (Kat)
Will Tarax (Joseph)
Rook Blackblood
Therrin Greycloud (Brooklynn)
Here is the list of those who have enough attendance to be voting eligible, if only they pay their dues on Saturday:
Hell Raiser (Dustonya)
Demon Thing (Brittani)
Sinnicus Trevalyn (Kyle)
Drago Mirdain
Here is the list of those who will have enough attendance to be voting eligible if the attend on Saturday AND pay their dues:
Nightmare Dragonflea
Issiacks the Odd (Nick)
Arilynn (Mikayla)
If you think you should be on one of these lists and you are not, please PM me as soon as you are able. Thank you! And Happy Voting!
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Voting Eligible and Non-Voting Eligible
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