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 Current IN GAME Situation!

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PostSubject: Current IN GAME Situation!   Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:07 pm

It has come to my attention that members of House Lasair have complained about the current in game situation, with House Lasair betraying Mistyvale! Some misinformation has also come to my attention, so I would like to set the record strait. First of all:

  • IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT for all members of the house to be involved in this! Toodelz was a good example of reasons why: his honor would not allow it. I ask people to side with me out of loyalty but it is not a demand for the household!
  • You will not be looked down on in ANY WAY for not doing so! This game is a ROLE-PLAYING GAME, play your role and have fun, that is the main thing we try to promote in this household.
  • If something happens on the field! It is not to be taken personally OFF the field! In character there may be fights, misunderstandings and betrayals, we acknowledge this but please be aware, when the game ends we want to be able to have a good time, laugh it off and joke around still. If something bothers you out of character, please take it up with that person out of character.
  • House Lasair IS a community unto itself, we try to be friendly and we welcome everyone who wishes to add more to the game we all play. If your aim in joining Lasair is to break the game, or to give others grief, if the Council are made aware of it, you will stand trial and you may even be risking a ban. We do NOT ///TRY/// to make the game unpleasant for others, it's not what we do.

Now, if you are not aware, there IS a reason why we stood against Mistyvale in this plot! Which I will explain here:

House Lasair was founded by the remnant of a fox-demon family known as the Kirralli Clan who had, for a long time protected the people of a lone freehaven from persecution by other humans and other demons.  After a century of this, they betrayed the Kirralli Clan and slaughtered them, believing they had no use for the demons any longer. Alduran, who was just a kit (baby) at the time, witnessed his families slaughter and was only spared by his mothers sacrifice. He harbors a resentment for ALL humans because of this, save for those of House Lasair. His brother, Marius Kirralli, had been in training away from the haven when the clan was attacked, he was only found centuries later by his brother not long before Lasair was formed.  

House Lasair was formed as a way for demons, fae, monsters and humans to live together and to learn to co-exist! We taken in the outcast, the feared, the misunderstood and any others who seek peace between the races or who simply seek a place to belong!

When Mistyvale was attacked by the Dark Lord, Raven, House Lasair answered their call for aid and gave their lives to help fight back the ridiculous Warlock and his band of rogues! We sacrificed lives and limbs for this shire, we served not for coin or greed, but because it was what we felt was right! And now, Mistyvale has begun hunting demons, seeking to destroy them with no true reason beyond what they are, when all of Lasair, humans, demons and creatures alike, stood not more than a few months prior to help SAVE their precious land? They betrayed us! And they wonder why those among us who hold darkness in our blood responded the way we did? We are not beyond a truce! We are not turning our backs entirely on this Shire! But we shall not let them treat our brothers and sisters this way either! House Lasair will not suffer the same fate as the Kirralli Clan!
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Current IN GAME Situation!
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