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 Complaints and Out Of Character Issues

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PostSubject: Complaints and Out Of Character Issues   Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:17 pm

So, there have been complaints to the Monarchy of Mistyvale about House Lasair, amazingly from WITHIN House Lasair, so I would like to take the time to point out: We are a household that governs itself outside of the Shire and outside of the Kingdom Level, for this I would like to ask that anyone with a complaint bring it to a member of the Council first, rather than bring it directly to the Monarchy.

Reports to the Monarchy are taken very seriously and it can get players in trouble Out Of Character. Members of lasair should know that this household is a Flurb-House, which means we Roleplay a LOT.
If you report to the monarchy for an in-game issue, you can easily get one or more members of the house in trouble or possibly even banned from the game, which is not good and will not be looked on favorably.

Members of the Council, for those who wish to know, are the following:

Alduran the Strange
Drago the Oracle
Marius the Abyss Walker
Toodelz the Toodelzian

We are always willing to talk with players about issues and we even have a trial system in place for the household if we feel the problem is enough to warrant its need, though thankfully, we have not had to use it yet.
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Complaints and Out Of Character Issues
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