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 Denial of Services -- Axton

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PostSubject: Denial of Services -- Axton   Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:26 pm

It has come to my attention that Axton of Mistyvale has become a general nuisance to members of the household. He is dangerous in how he wields his weapons on field, has little to no respect for other players or their equipment and has openly lied to and even attempted to steal from members of our household.

For this, I am issuing a general 'Denial of Services Order', effective immediately and until further notice in regards to this individual.

This means that members of House Lasair are not to aid him in any of the following:

  • Creation or Lending of Weapons of any kind.
  • Creation or Lending of Garb of any kind.
  • Creation or Lending of Armor of any kind.

If he requests anything of a member of House Lasair they are expected to politely decline.
If he continues to badger them about the use of equipment, they are to report it as 'harassment/bullying' to the Monarch.
If he takes it upon himself to take a piece of equipment from any member of House Lasair without their knowledge or without permission, he is to be reported as a thief to Monarchy IMMEDIATELY!

Let it be known that as of 7:23 PM, PST. On Monday, 2016-02-15, the player Axton has lost all privileges on-field in regards to members of House Lasair.
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Denial of Services -- Axton
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