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 vote for our Prime Minister

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PostSubject: vote for our Prime Minister   Mon Feb 15, 2016 7:45 pm

Kat Williams
10 hrs

Hello Mistyvale!
This weekend, we had a vote for our Prime Minister, and the results are in: Lady Tamara MacAbee won with 9 votes for her, 8 votes for Will Tarax, and 1 abstain. The duties of PM will be passed on starting this coming weekend at Mid-Reign.
Speaking of Mid-Reign, here are the 5 things you need to know about this weekend:
-- We will be having a FEAST! Our regent Vontez has prepared a Build-Your-Own-Taco bar. So what we need are POTLUCK side dishes and desserts. Please bring a dish to share with the populace, as there will be many people in attendance. 
-- The Mistyvale Monarchy is asking a $1 donation to the treasury to participate in the feast, so if you want to eat, please bring $1. 
-- Our Mid-Reign is a DOUBLE CREDIT EVENT. If you attend, sign-in, and participate, you will receive TWO credits instead of the normal one. 
-- We will also be taking another group photo, so please wear your best garb and come prepared! 
-- There will be a Dragonmaster and a Weaponmaster tournament! Bring your best A&S offerings for a chance to be named the Mistyvale Dragonmaster. Our judges will be Vontez, Lady T, Will Tarax, Raven Skullsmasher, and Kaytana. And be ready for the five-bracket tourney, where you will have the chance to be named the Mistyvale Weaponmaster. 
-- We will also be having a RAFFLE. Tickets will be $1 each (which will go into the treasury), and there will be a variety of prizes to choose from. (If you want to submit something to be a raffle prize, please PM me)
Finally, Thor's Refuge will be having their mid-reign the day after ours, and it would be wonderful if we could attend and show our support.
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vote for our Prime Minister
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