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 Daedalus -- Introduction

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PostSubject: Daedalus -- Introduction   Wed Sep 23, 2015 10:40 am

Still pretty new to Amtgard and haven't fully fleshed out what I want to get out of this game yet, so I may "adjust" my persona as I go a little. I come from 23 years of Role Play experience from D&D, but this is my first LARP. I also have a Martial Arts background with multiple styles.

Daedalus (Daed or D)
Is it a first name? Is it a surname?

Still deciding, considering Bard or Monk

Intelligent debates
Religion (as a topic of discussion)
Music, Art and Poetry
Games of logic and strategy (like Chess and Go)
Combat and Sparring

Poorly thought-out arguments
Logical fallacies
One-upmanship and arrogance

Rumors abound about Daedalus' history of youth, some tales say that he was a prestidigitator and a street performer, some tales say he was a street urchin and a thief, other tales say he grew up on a monastery, but didn't pay much attention and got kicked out. Whatever the truth is, Daedalus remains quiet, letting the rumor engine run. He seems to prefer to deal with the present, and move beyond the past. Fittingly, he just sort of showed up one day, in a "I thought he was your cousin" kind of comedic fashion. He's been around long enough to belong, even though his relationship in the house is unclear.
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Daedalus -- Introduction
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