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 North Kingdom Fight Practice

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PostSubject: North Kingdom Fight Practice   Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:45 pm

North Kingdom Fight Practice
Sundayat 11:59 AM
5 days from now ·
Wyvern Spur, Berkeley
The first in a late winter series of fight practices in hopes of gathering the fighters of our northerly parks into one place to place the stick on the body.

It's at berkeley's park on berkeley's normal park day.


Mathis will be recording best of 10s in a large tome to gather data between fighters over the multiple practices. Maybe Etah's going to do something involving teaching. Maybe Jeff will show up.


Best of 10: Two fighters agree on a weapon style, commonly open or single, and fight until the number of wins adds up to ten. Simos do not count.
-Example: Fighter A: 3 wins Fighter B: 7 wins (3 simos)
-This gives a nice % ratio. We will not be recording simos.
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North Kingdom Fight Practice
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