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 Phoenix Rising III: Fools' Raid

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Phoenix Rising III: Fools' Raid Empty
PostSubject: Phoenix Rising III: Fools' Raid   Phoenix Rising III: Fools' Raid Icon_minitimeTue Feb 16, 2016 10:59 pm

April 1 - April 3
Apr 1 at 9 AM to Apr 3 at 12 PM
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San Lorenzo Park
1160 Broadway St, King City, California 93930
Saracor invites you to join us for our first camping event, Phoenix Rising III which also has the privilege of hosting this year's Fools' Raid! This will be a three day, two night camping event held at San Lorenzo Park in King City, in central California. If there is enough interest, we may also allow early arrival Thursday night.

Event Fee:
The price of this event is 30$ at troll, or 25$ with prereg. To prereg, via Paypal use the 'friends or family' option. Use 'Phoenix Rising 3' as the note. Our paypal is . The last day to prereg will be March 1.
This includes two nights of camping, and feast.
Single day price is 15$.

Combat Rules:
Belegarth Book of War, but all sports are welcome!
Phoenix Rising 3 will count for Amtgard class points in the Kingdom of Westmarch!

Belegarth legal garb is required for all combatants. Garb is not required for non-combatants. An exception will be made for newer fighters (under 12 months of fighting). If you have any questions regarding garb rules, feel free to contact Ian MacLeish.

The Site:
San Lorenzo Park is central to California, and is a popular sites for larger camping events. It has a pavilion with picnic tables, showers, drinkable water, and a building with a full kitchen. Additionally, the site is a walking distance from Safeway. Minors are also to stay overnight, but must be chaperoned.

Sword and Board - No armor, no flails.
Red - No armor.
Newb Torunament - No armor, no flails.
Highlander - Every participant is given a soul. When you beat an opponent, they must give you all of their souls. One blue (green optional) sword/bat only. If your opponent doesn't have a blue sword/bat, and you have two, you may let them choose one of yours. The grand finale will be held during feast.

Coming Soon!
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Phoenix Rising III: Fools' Raid
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