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 House Lasair is being Fortified!

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PostSubject: House Lasair is being Fortified!   Sat Mar 05, 2016 6:24 pm

On this day, the 5th of march in the year 2016, House Lasair has closed its doors to Mistyvale. The Open Welcome policy has been rescinded. This means that in order to join House Lasair, a player must have an open invitation from members of the Ruling Council and must have earned that invitation by showing an exceptional ability to Roleplay!

Whats more, all members of the Council are being asked to sit out for the remainder of this quest line, which means: Show up, by all means, but please do not take active part in the quest unless it is discussed with the rest of the Council. There is an In Game reason for this, that being that: Most of our council are either monsters or demons. Lasairs humans are welcome to come and go as they please, but have to do so through sigils because our house has been barricaded shut with magic. We have tried to work with Mistyvale, we have tried to be kind and they've shown us no kindness in return, so we will let them finish this war with the demons alone and let them be. If they specifically come for us, THEN we will deal with them, either politically or with a war as they choose, but only then.

(OOG NOTE: No I'm not saying you have to sit out of the quest if your lasair. This is me saying there is an in game reason why COUNCIL MEMBERS might.)
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House Lasair is being Fortified!
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