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 OUTGOING to Mistyvale: House Lasair Update

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OUTGOING to Mistyvale:  House Lasair Update Empty
PostSubject: OUTGOING to Mistyvale: House Lasair Update   OUTGOING to Mistyvale:  House Lasair Update Icon_minitimeSat Mar 05, 2016 6:30 pm

House Lasair no longer has an Open Welcome policy, which means if any have a desire to join or be considered part of House Lasair who are not already than it will require an invitation from a Council Member.

Also, I've spoken with monarchy and with some luck, we will be able to set up a meeting at Mistyvale before or on the day of the next quest day to explains /what/ House Lasair is and hopefully put some of the drama that this questline and our participation in it has caused.

I would like to note that House Lasair is a Flurb House, which means that for what it's worth, pretty much everything we do is IN CHARACTER and we do apologize if this has not been made clear or if it has been misunderstood. I will go into in more detail on what that means at the meeting whenever it is set up.

--Alduran the Strange.
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OUTGOING to Mistyvale: House Lasair Update
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