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 Althing Notes from last park day:

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Althing Notes from last park day: Empty
PostSubject: Althing Notes from last park day:   Althing Notes from last park day: Icon_minitimeFri Mar 11, 2016 4:43 pm

Althing Notes from last park day:

-In regards to the banning of Silent Judge – If you wish to interact with him, you will remove your garb and be done for the day. If you do not, it will be considered “interacting with Amtgarders,” which is against his ban, and his ban will be extended.

-Mistyvale now has a new policy regarding medical issues on the field: If you become ill or injuring in such a way that would prevent you from playing safely, at the discretion of the reeves and/or monarchy, you will be asked to leave the field for the day. If it is bad enough, a Doctor’s note will be required before you can return to the field of battle.

-In regards to new children: from this point on, any new children added to our land will have to be 10 years old or older to be considered, unless they are the child of an amtgarder, in which case lower ages may be considered as well. Children who are already members are exempt from this rule.

-We have had a lot of people’s items go missing, so the rule for Borrowing is this: If it is nt yours, DON’T TOUCH IT. Ask the owner before using any weapon, including loaners, and make sure to ask EVERY time you want to use it.

-There is a new policy with loaners (gear, garb, sashes, etc): there is now a check in/out policy. You must check the items out on the sheet with Champion Duro. You are then responsible for the items until checked back in. If you break or lose them, you will replace them or pay for them. You must check things back in with Duro before leaving. Should these rules not be followed, you will no longer be allowed to utilize the loaner equipment.

-In regards to Smoking - The park district has informed us that it is a smoke free zone. You cannot smoke on this field or any part of the park. You must leave to the sidewalks.

-Don’t forget, we are in a recruitment drive, and the time is almost up! Bring your family, friends, and coworkers to the park three weeks in a row, and our land may be eligible to win a full jugging kit.

-We are still heavily short on Reeves, so please, take your tests!

-For those who do not know, we passed audit the last two audits with Excellent scores, and are now eligible to upgrade to Barony from Shire, which is definitely something our land wants (12 yes votes, 1 no, 1 abstain). If we are voted into Barony in the next Kingdom althing, we can also petition to become a Core land, which is also something our land wants (15 yes votes, 1 no, 1 abstain).
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Althing Notes from last park day:
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