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 Ranks -- Circle of Flames

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PostSubject: Ranks -- Circle of Flames   Thu Jan 14, 2016 10:43 pm

Alright, so this post is to tell people about the Rank system for the Circle of Flames! First, please note that these are IN HOUSE ONLY and are not recognized by any land, they are for In Character purposes only.

Since the Circle of Flames is comprised of 4 different paths, Healer, Wizard, Bard and Druid, there are 4 different sets of rankings.

As well, there are 5 levels in each of the class ranks recognized by House Lasair, 6 if you include the Fledgling Rank.

As a note. Fledgling Rank is given only to those who are new to the house and to the Circle of Flames while they choose which path they wish to walk.

== Class Ranks ==

The Silver Tongue - Bard
The Great Forest - Druid
The White Light - Healer
The Black Flame - Wizard

== Rank Levels ==

0 - Fledgling
1 - Initiate
2 - Student
3 - Scholar
4 - Adept
5 - Sage
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Ranks -- Circle of Flames
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