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 paul wilkins posted in mistyvale

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paul wilkins posted in mistyvale  Empty
PostSubject: paul wilkins posted in mistyvale    paul wilkins posted in mistyvale  Icon_minitimeMon Apr 18, 2016 12:08 am

I know I'm jumping the gun a little bit since I'm not elected yet, but my main idea for a battlegame theme this reign is a fictionalized version of the Barony of Mistyvale. I am interested in running simple games with multiple small teams that each have different objectives (instead of the normal 2 team battlegame). I also think it would be cool for company mates, house mates and friends to be able to be able to count on fighting with each other.

If the Barony of Mistyvale existed inside of a Tolkien or Dungeons and Dragons type of world, who would you be and who would your friends be?

We know in Mistvale there are pirates (CORSAIRS!)

Who are the Wolves of Valor? Are they a band of Mercenaries? The Baronesses personal guard?

Are Rook and Rack orcs?

Is the Barbarian tribe from the nearby mountains, that wears blue and red gonna invade the Barony?

Are you from a different pirate ship? A band of thieves? Are you simply a peasant?

Comment below, especially if you or a small group want to be written into the plot.

The results of each themed battlegame will have an effect on the course of the story.
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paul wilkins posted in mistyvale
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