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PostSubject: OUTGOING to: MISTYVALE FACEBOOK   Sat Feb 13, 2016 6:24 pm

Alright, so this is a general announcement for all members of Mistyvale who are in House Lasair, we'd like you to join the House Forum so you can be involved in the goings-on of the household, so you can be informed about things such as ranks, meetings and general information that makes it easier for us to work as a household. This forum also acts as sort of a House Roster so we know who is and who is not a member down the line. We do have a website for the house, which can be found at:


From here, go to the Forums page and sign up with your Amtgard Name (so we know who you are). I will say as well, for leaders of the house who have not joined, (Drago and Toodelz), PLEASE join the forum ASAP since you are on the council.

Lastly, a bit of info about the forums, you DO need an active email to join, you need to verify your account through the email you sign up with before you even show up on the members list for the forums. If you did not get the email from registering, please check your spam folder for it, sometimes it will end up there.
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